Windermere car ferry copyright Dave Willis

Windermere Wheeling cycle

Great Walking and Cycling Made Easy

5 miles of cycling - up to 2 hours
A family cycle ride along the shores of Windermere, off road through the forest of Claife.

Windermere Wheeling map

Timings: Remember to check bus and ferry times before you depart! Take a look at Cross Lakes Experience leaflet including 2011 timetable (PDF)

Make a day of it: Pick up the Cross Lakes Shuttle at Bowness, Coniston or Hawkshead to Ferry House on Windermere, enjoy your cycle ride then use the bus and boat back from Hawkshead.

Refreshments: available at Hawkshead.

Large version of map: take a look at the Great Walking and Cycling Made Easy leaflet page 2 (PDF)

Route description:

Arrive at Ferry House through use of the Cross-Lakes Shuttle network.

Get off the ferry at Ferry House and cycle along the road. The road curves round, and you will see a road to your right, taking you north, up the side of the lake.

Follow this road along the lakeshore keeping the lake to your right. The road eventually turns into a dirt track and meanders and climbs gently through meadows and pretty woodland.

After cycling along the track for approximately 2 and a half miles you will reach a car park where the track becomes a tarmac road again - there is a gate across the road at this point. Follow the tarmac road uphill gradually through woodland towards the village of Wray.

Once in Wray the road will come to a T junction where you will turn left onto the main road. Cycle along this road to Colthouse. You will pass roads off to your right and left but stay on the main road until you have cycled through Colthouse.

On leaving Colthouse the road forks. Take the right fork and follow for a few hundred metres where you will join the main Sawrey to Hawkshead Road.

Turn right onto this road and across Black Beck. Once you have crossed the beck you will come to a junction with a road off to your right. Turn right here and you will see a campsite to your right and Hawkshead Car Park to your left.

Turn left towards the car park into Hawkshead where you can stop for well-deserved tea and cakes.