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Tips on searching

If you know the planning reference number, please enter that in the top box and leave the other search boxes blank.

To search for planning applications you can enter your search terms in one or more of the boxes. Searching on more than one term will return fewer applications.

To search for a ‘Planning Reference’ you can search for all or part of the reference. To search for part of the reference use a *, for example 7/2005/20*.

To search for a ‘Location’ you can search for any part of an address, For example “Ambleside”, “Lake Road, Ambleside”, “CA12 4AT” or just “CA12”. Just make sure you put quote marks before and after your search words.

To search the ‘Development Description’ enter one or more words that will search the description, for example you can search for "chimney" or "chimney stack"

To search for applications within a date range enter the dates in the ‘From’ and ‘To’ boxes using the format ‘1/9/2005’ or ’01-sept-2005’.

Please note: Application details are available for applications since 1983, however applications registered prior to September 2005 are unlikely to have full details available.

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