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Temporary adverts

Guidance on Temporary Advertisements for Local Events

What is advertisement control?

There are regulations under the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007, which control advertisements. These include signs, posters and placards. The regulations mean that local planning authorities can control adverts in the interests of amenity and public safety in their area.

Is consent always needed to display an advertisement?

The regulations set out many types of advertisement, which can be displayed without the need for an application. One of these recognises the needs of local events. But it is an offence to display advertisements in contravention of the regulations, with a maximum fine of £2500.

How can I advertise my event?

If your event is temporary, not for commercial purposes and of a recreational, social, political, cultural, educational or religious nature, you may announce it with an advertisement:

  • not exceeding 0.6 square metre in area, any shape is allowed
  • with characters or symbols up 30cm in height

as long as it is not illuminated and no part of it is more than 3.6 metres above the ground.

In addition, you must have the permission of the land owner and it must be displayed safely without hindering road signs. This rules out advertisements on highway verges and signs

Legally you can display your advertisement 28 days before the event. But to minimise visual clutter in the Lake District we ask that you only put it up 16 days before and take it down within two days of the event finishing.

How can I find out more?

Visit Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers (opens in new window) to download a free guide produced by the government.

Our planning duty officer can answer questions of a general nature about the need for advertisement consent by phone, in person or at our planning surgeries. Find out more in Contact us and planning surgeries.