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Advertisement control policy

This policy applies to the way we control unauthorised advertisements as part of our planning service as Local Planning Authority for the Lake District National Park.

Advertisement controls are a national enabling system. Many advertisements, within specified limits, can be displayed without the need to apply to us, others need our consent. We recognise that controls over advertisements are not widely understood by the public. Through publicity and accurate, timely advice we will maximise the opportunity for businesses, organisations and individuals to comply with advertisement controls, to enable them to promote their interests lawfully.

It is an offence to display an advertisement in contravention of the controls and nothing in this policy condones this. Our approach to enforcing the controls is based on a proportionate response to the harm to public safety and/or amenity caused by the display of the advertisement.

When we identify a breach of advertisement control we will normally give the person displaying the advertisement or the landowner the opportunity to remedy the situation voluntarily. We will give clear, open advice on the options, including removing or altering the advertisement or making an application for consent to display it, in order to comply with the controls.

We will take action in respect of breaches of advertisement control which cause identifiable harm to public safety or amenity. But we do not believe that the public interest is well served by us taking action against a breach of advertisement control which causes no harm. We will not let our helpful approach hinder effective action when this is warranted in the public interest and we will always justify our decision in writing.

Our priorities for taking action against unauthorised advertisements are those which:

  1. pose a serious risk to public safety
  2. cause identifiable harm to the amenity and special qualities of the landscape of the Lake District
  3. cause identifiable harm to the setting of listed buildings or conservation areas

We will always consider all of our options for action, with prosecution being more likely for repeat offenders of priorities 1, 2 and 3.

How can I find out more?

Visit Outdoor advertisements and signs: a guide for advertisers (opens in new window) to download a free guide produced by the government.

Our planning duty officer can answer questions of a general nature about the need for advertisement consent by phone, in person or at our planning surgeries. Find out more in Contact us and planning surgeries.