Compliance and Enforcement

Compliance and monitoring is essential in controlling building development and outdoor advertisements to conserve the special qualities of the Lake District.

What we do

Compliance planners help people understand our policies and implement them correctly. If people choose to ignore policies then enforcement becomes necessary. However the vast majority of planning applications reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Our team monitors compliance with planning permissions granted, investigates possible breaches of planning control and takes appropriate action.

We are committed to the principles of good enforcement including: clear standards, openness, helpfulness, proportionality and consistency. We have adopted the central and local government Concordat on Good Enforcement (PDF) for the Lake District, which sets out our approach to this area of our work.

How we can help

We seek to minimise breaches of planning control by encouraging compliance.

The property developer is responsible for complying with planning permission, but we can help by providing advice and dealing with details required by planning conditions. We encourage developers to send us the Start Notice (Word document) provided with all permissions to tell us when they intend to begin work.

How to register a concern

If you think unauthorised planning activities are taking place, please tell us. We need to know the:

  • address of the site - a location plan may be helpful
  • the nature of the alleged breach, when it occurred and whether it is continuing
  • the name of the owner or person undertaking the activity, if possible

It would be very helpful if you could email a completed Compliance Concern Form (Word document) to

How long will it take to investigate?

We receive over 300 enquiries about possible breaches of planning control each year. Normally we acknowledge receipt within three days and check our records, visit the site and let interested parties know our initial views within three weeks.