Principles of Development

What are we trying to achieve?

We want the Lake District to be an inspirational example of sustainable development in action. We will develop a proactive approach to enhance the natural capital assets, cultural heritage and ecosystems throughout the Lake District. We will maximise multiple benefits for people and the environment, by managing natural capital and cultural assets wisely for future generations to enjoy.

What is the issue?

We need to ensure new development enables communities to develop in a way that provides for their current needs, but protects the National Park’s landscape, Special Qualities and attributes of Outstanding Universal Value and resources.

As a National Park Authority we need to protect and enhance our natural, built and historic environment; and as part of this, help to improve biodiversity, use natural assets prudently, minimise waste and pollution, and mitigate and adapt to climate change including moving to a low carbon economy. Great emphasis needs to be placed on looking after the environment, reflecting National Park purposes, and this should guide our planning decisions.

Our suggested approach

We want to conserve or enhance the diversity, extent, distribution and condition/quality of the natural assets found in the Lake District and ensure there is no deterioration in these natural and cultural assets both now and in the future. We wish to establish a proactive policy framework that ensures these assets are managed and used wisely.

Using Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services approaches as the basis for this policy is a relatively new concept, but it is embedded in the Government’s 25 year Environment Plan and as such is key to our thinking. What this allows us to do is to understand the value of those natural capital assets that underpin the Special Qualities of the Lake District and the attributes of Outstanding Universal Value and subsequently protect, conserve or enhance them through planning policy.

These principles of development will be considered in the assessment of all development proposals but they may not all apply to each and every application. These principles are supported by a suite of specific policies, such as flooding, design, biodiversity, protecting the spectacular landscape and historic environment which provide the guidance on how the principles should be applied. Practice guidance is also available to further help the decision making process.

Principles of Development

Principles of Development

The National Park will be an inspirational example of sustainable development in action. The Lake District natural and cultural assets will be managed and used wisely for future generations.

We will achieve this by supporting new developments which:

a. Avoid and minimise flood risk

b. Use water resources efficiently

c. Improve or at least maintain water quality

d. Improve or maintain the natural functioning of coastal and river processes

e. Protect biodiversity ensuring, there is no net loss and, where appropriate, secure net gain

f. Protect or enhance carbon stored in peatland and woodland or, as a minimum, secure no net loss of carbon storage

g. Mitigate against climate change and improve resilience to the effects of climate change over a 25-50 year timeframe

h. Conserve or enhance the landscape character of the Lake District and contribute to local landscape distinctiveness through locally inspired high quality design

I. Protect geodiversity through the proven need of materials for the maintenance of distinctive buildings and settlement character

j. Avoid or minimise harm to geological conservation interests or, where possible, enhance

k. Ensure resource efficiency and minimise waste

l. Conserve or enhance, or at least minimise the impact upon soil quality, stability and function

m. Minimise or avoid light and noise pollution

n. Improve or maintain air quality

o. Conserve or enhance the internationally acclaimed historic environment and cultural heritage

p. Support the sustainable production of food and wood products

q. Contribute positively to the health and wellbeing of our communities.

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Consultation closed on 29th June. Thank you to all of those who took part. Please keep an eye on our Local Plan homepage for announcements and feedback on the consultation

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