Policy 30: Minerals safeguarding areas

What are we trying to achieve?

Minerals Safeguarding Areas draw attention to the presence of important mineral resources and make sure that they are adequately considered in land-use planning decisions.

What is the issue?

Minerals Safeguarding Areas are a way of protecting proven deposits of minerals which are, or may become, of economic value. They help to restrict non-mineral related development which would compromise the extraction of the mineral deposit in the future. The National Planning Policy Framework requires local Mineral Planning Authorities to define Minerals Safeguarding Areas and adopt appropriate policies.

Our suggested approach

We do not intend to alter the purpose of the current approach as this was adopted by the Authority in November 2013 following an independent examination.

The only amendment we suggest is a point of clarity which involves changing the reference to ‘Core Strategy Policy CS02’ to ‘Policy 03’.

Policy 30: Minerals safeguarding areas

Planning permission will be granted for non-mineral development within Minerals Safeguarding Areas where:

  • The location of the proposal relates to a settlement recognised by Policy 03: Spatial Strategy; or
  • The proposal can demonstrate that it will not affect the overall value of the mineral resource; or
  • The mineral can be extracted satisfactorily prior to the development taking place; or
  • The development is of a temporary nature, can be completed and the site restored to a condition that does not inhibit extraction within the timescale that the mineral is likely to be needed; or
  • There is an overriding need for the development.

Have your say!

Consultation closed on 29th June. Thank you to all of those who took part. Please keep an eye on our Local Plan homepage for announcements and feedback on the consultation

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