Policy 28: Major developments

What are we trying to achieve?

We will continue to support Government’s view that National Parks are not the place for 'major development' except in the most exceptional circumstances. We want to ensure that if these exceptional circumstances are demonstrated in the Lake District then all possible measures to minimise adverse effects are secured.

What is the issue?

We need to update our existing Major Development Policy to reflect changes to national planning guidance. Major development can have a considerable negative impact on a wide range of features therefore it is appropriate to secure all possible mitigation measures.

Our suggested approach

We will continue to have a policy for major developments – it will reflect national planning guidance and seek to secure appropriate mitigation.

We will continue to define ‘major development’.

Policy 28: Major developments

Major development is defined as development which is more than local in character and which may have a significant adverse impact on the Special Qualities and attributes of Outstanding Universal Value of the Lake District. We will only permit proposals for major developments in exceptional circumstances, where it can be demonstrated to be in the public interest, and where they satisfy the requirements in national policy and guidance.

Where these requirements can be satisfied all possible measures should be taken to minimise the adverse effects of development and associated infrastructure on the Special Qualities and attributes of Outstanding Universal Value of the Lake District, including:

  • ensuring adequate compensation measures, sufficient to achieve no net loss and, where appropriate, net gain of biodiversity are secured;
  • provision is made to meet local community needs and secure public benefits;
  • acceptable measures are secured for site restoration; and
  • arrangements being made for suitable local community engagement prior to and during the development and subsequent restoration.

Have your say!

Consultation closed on 29th June. Thank you to all of those who took part. Please keep an eye on our Local Plan homepage for announcements and feedback on the consultation

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