Policy 15: Showcase Areas

What are we trying to achieve?

Our intention is that Showcase Areas should:

  • Offer visitors opportunity to experience and engage with a broad range of what makes the Lake District special, illustrating the Lake District’s character and cultural significance, as well as offering a whole range of experiences, adventures and hospitality within them;
  • Offer visitors the best opportunities to see and experience the Special Qualities of the Lake District;
  • Increase the average length of stay by visitors;
  • Provide the greatest opportunities to make it easy and attractive for visitors to move through these areas without being reliant upon having their own car;
  • Enhance movement travel to, from and between these Showcase Areas.

What is the issue?

Many individuals and businesses have development aspirations to deliver improved visitor experiences in the Lake District. We need to secure the cumulative benefits of individual development proposals to ensure these benefits contribute to the overall vision to deliver a world class visitor experience. We need to address traffic congestion and ensure that these new proposals contribute to the delivery of sustainable transport solutions and infrastructure to help relieve congestion and improve the experience for visitors.

Our suggested approach

We will identify areas where visitor pressure and development aspirations require a coordinated delivery approach and sustainable transport improvements – Windermere corridor, Keswick/Borrowdale corridor, and Ullswater corridor.

We will seek to secure developer contributions and/or management arrangements.

We will identify the broad location, development aspiration, and sustainable transport improvements in each Showcase Area.

Policy 15: Showcase Areas

We will support proposals for high quality sustainable tourism development and infrastructure within key visitor locations that deliver cohesive world class visitor destinations through key sites within the:

  • Windermere corridor;
  • Ullswater corridor;
  • Keswick and Borrowdale corridor.

Where they would:

  • increase opportunities to further the understanding of the Special Qualities and World Heritage Site attributes; and
  • incorporate and improve sustainable forms of transport, reduce the reliance on the private car both through and, where appropriate, to these corridors; and
  • incorporate improvements to the public realm, where appropriate.

In order to fulfil the potential of Showcase Areas we will, where appropriate, seek developer contributions and/ or management arrangements to deliver:

  • improved sustainable transport infrastructure and facilities;
  • improved public realm; and
  • measures to make it easy and accessible for international visitors to understand, orientate, and enjoy the Lake District.

Have your say!

Consultation closed on 29th June. Thank you to all of those who took part. Please keep an eye on our Local Plan homepage for announcements and feedback on the consultation

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