Agriculture and forestry developments

What are we trying to achieve?

We want to ensure agriculture and forestry practices continue in the Lake District and are able to evolve, recognising these practices have shaped the cultural landscape.

What is the issue?

Most agricultural and forestry related development can be carried out under permitted development rights without applying for planning permission. Where proposals exceed the limits of permitted development planning applications are required.

Generally, agricultural and forestry developments are found in open countryside locations. Appropriately sized and located agricultural and forestry buildings are part of the rural character of the Lake District, and their generally functional and minimal design reflects their integral relationship with the management of the surrounding land. New agricultural and forestry development should follow the same principle, and not be disguised as any other type of development.

Our suggested approach

We will not have a specific policy for agricultural and forestry developments – relevant policy text covering the design and location of developments is provided in Policies 03 and 07.

Agriculture and forestry developments

No policy - covered by other policies in this Plan (Policies 03 and 07)

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It’s really important that residents, businesses and stakeholders get involved during the consultation phase to tell us if you think what we are suggesting is right. Your answers to the questions in this survey will help us consider everyone's views and to re-draft the plan where necessary. Consultation closes on Friday 29 June.

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