Local Plan: Farming

Vibrant communities and farming are at the heart of the Lake District, and agriculture played a huge part in the National Parks success in receiving World Heritage Site status.
In this short film we speak to Isaac Benson, whose family have farmed in the Lake District for generations. Whilst he talks of the legacy he is now leaving for further generation to come, he also shares his concern that the hard work of families gone by could be undone if young people don’t continue to maintain and protect the land.

“We need young people in the area, it’s not a museum it’s a living breathing landscape, and in order for it to be maintained we need the next generation wanting to stay and commit their working lives, and maintaining what you see here today.”

Bob Dean, Isaac Benson, Meadowbank Farm, Ings.

What's next?

The next phase of the Local Plan review will be for the suggested policy options to be put out to public consultation, which will happen in May and June 2018. It’s really important that residents, businesses and stakeholders get involved during the consultation phase to tell us if you think what we are suggesting is right.

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