Local Plan Review

A local planning authority should review the relevance of its Local Plan at regular intervals to assess whether some or all of it may need updating. Most Local Plans are likely to require updating in whole or in part at least every five years to remain effective. We are focussing on reviewing the policies in the Core Strategy (Local Plan Part One. We will also remove the saved policies from the 1998 Local Plan but consider the relevance of their content and decide how this can be presented in the new Local Plan. It may also be necessary to consider whether more housing and employment sites need to be allocated which will initiate a review of the Allocations of Land (Local Plan Part Two).

What does the current Local Plan include?

  • The Core Strategy (Local Plan Part One) – adopted October 2010
  • The Allocations of Land (Local Plan Part Two) – adopted November 2013
  • Minerals Safeguarding Areas (Local Plan Part Three) – adopted November 2013
  • The Matterdale Neighbourhood Development Plan – adopted December 2015
  • The Coniston Neighbourhood Development Plan – adopted February 2016
  • A small number of saved policies from the 1998 Local Plan.

The Local Plan is also supported by several Supplementary Planning Documents which give more detail on how some of the policies should be implemented.

What will the Review look like?

The focus is on reviewing the strategic policies in the Core Strategy (Local Plan Part One), but we may also need to consider whether more housing and employment sites need to be allocated, which will initiate a review of the Allocations of Land (Local Plan Part Two). We will also use the process to remove the saved policies from the old 1998 Local Plan.

What are our aims and objectives for the new Local Plan?

The policies will  be grounded on achieving the 2030 Vision for the Lake District being “an inspirational example of sustainable development in action.” It will be a place where its prosperous economy, world class visitor experiences and vibrant communities come together to sustain the spectacular landscape, its wildlife and cultural heritage.



Prosperous economy

Seek to sustain and diversify the economy; encourage new business development and support business growth, encourage innovation and support and nurture the traditional Lake District industries

World Class visitor experiences

Seek to support sustainable tourism and leisure developments which respect the landscape and reflect the identity of local surroundings and materials

Vibrant communities

Seek to encourage innovative and flexible solutions to maintain access to housing, services, education, healthcare and employment to secure the long term vibrancy of our local communities

A spectacular landscape

Seek to conserve the landscape and scenic beauty of the National Park, its wildlife and cultural heritage. We will promote ecosystems services as a vital component of delivering sustainable development.

What’s happened?

A comprehensive assessment of each Core Strategy policy has been undertaken to evaluate whether the policy needs to be revised. The outcome of this has determined that all the policies need revising to varying degrees, ranging from simple presentational issues to a more complex policy rewrite reflecting changes in circumstances and desired outcomes. The report can be viewed following the link below

We adopted our revised Local Development Scheme and Statement of Community Involvement in April 2016

During the last two weeks of April 2016 we hosted an early engagement opportunity in each of the Distinctive Areas with representatives from Parish and Town Councils with the sole purpose of improving our awareness and understanding of local issues and development pressures. Summaries of the comments are captured in the report below.

What’s happening now?

We are currently updating our evidence base which is an important part of the Review process and will take place over the next few months. A variety of work packages has been identified and the reports from these will be available in due course.

Reports containing information we have completed:

  • Residential Monitoring Report 2015/16 - This collates planning approvals and completions for new housing in the National Park between 1 April 2015 and 31 March 2016.
  • Household Income and House Prices (CACI 2016) - This collates data at Parish scale on household income and house price and establishes an affordability ratio. It presents a socio economic profile for each parish in the National Park.
  • Historic Environment - ................ If you have any views on the content of this paper please complete the questions in this survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/historicpaper
  • Economy including employment space, retailing, tourism, and farm diversification Economy Topic Paper. This report collates information on the key aspects of the economy of the Lake District. It helps us to understand trends for growth, understand business needs and how the market is likely to change. If you have any views on the content of this paper please complete the questions in this survey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/lakeseconomy

The work packages we are currently progressing are as follows:

  • Town Centre Health Checks - To provide a comprehensive picture of the vitality of the key retail centres in the National Park based on survey work. It will provide a snapshot of the current state of the town centres and their retail provision. The focus is on Grasmere, Hawkshead, Coniston, Ambleside, Keswick, Bowness and Windermere
  • Settlement Profiles - To update the settlement profiles using Census 2011 data
  • Objectively Assessed Housing Needs - To identify the scale and mix of housing and range of tenures that the local population is likely to need over the plan period
  • Local Transport / Network Study - To assess the quality and capacity of infrastructure for transport
  • Health and Well-being - To understand the health status and needs of the local population
  • Infrastructure Study - To assess the quality and capacity of infrastructure on the Lake District, and potential future needs and demands. We have sent a survey to all Parishes in the Park asking them about infrastructure in their Parish, and we are working with the County Council to understand infrastructure they provide or are responsible for. We will be contacting other stakeholders over the coming months to establish other infrastructure needs and demands

Work packages we will be progressing shortly are:

  • Strategic Flood Risk Assessment - An update following the recent flooding events

To comment on any of the above or for more information contact us at localplan@lakedistrict.gov.uk

What's new?

Over the course of the next few months we will be liaising with Town and Parish Councils specifically through a series of surveys to ask their views on particular issues. The first of these is the Infrastructure Survey at Parish scale, which seeks to collate information on the range of infrastructure provision available, and identify any deficits in provision (physical, social and green).

What topics and issues do you think the Local Plan should cover?

The local plan will cover issues such as; new housing, the environment, business, farming, tourism, climate change, quarrying, and land for development, and we would like everybody interested in the Lake District's future to tell us how the new Local Plan should guide future development in the Lake District, and what topics and issues it should cover.

If you have any comments to make please contact us at localplan@lakedistrict.gov.uk

We would like to receive your comments by 4pm on 5 December 2016. However, we will arrange further engagement opportunities throughout the review process.