Local Plan Review

Thank you to everyone who took part to help `Shape the Lakes' through our Local Plan consultation between 8 May and 29 June 2018. We received a record level of response, with 2762 individual responses to the consultation, providing 4,692 comments through the consultation period. We are now reviewing what everyone has told us and making amendments as required. We will publish consultation comments and what we have done in response to comments in due course but, due to the high level of response, it is likely to take us longer than we originally planned. We hope to publish the revised Plan for further consultation in the first half of 2019. Please keep checking on the website for further updates.

What is a Local Plan?

A Local Plan is a set of policies used to inform decisions on planning applications and appeals, and a local planning authority should review its Local Plan at regular intervals to assess whether some or all of it may need updating. Local Plans are generally reviewed every five years and we’re currently in the process of reviewing the Lake District National Park’s Local Plan.

Have your say!

Consultation closed on 29th June. Thank you to all of those who took part. Please keep an eye on our Local Plan homepage for announcements and feedback on the consultation

A timeline of the local plan process

Timeline of the Local Plan - click to see larger image

What is our role?

We’re the local planning authority for the whole of the Lake District National Park and we have a statutory responsibility to keep up-to-date local development documents, and to decide on planning applications in the area.

To get this right, we need to consult and engage with you at the right times and in the right ways, so that you understand and support the plans and policies.

An overview of the Local Plan review

During each review, a consultation phase takes place, during which local communities give their feedback to the current Local Plan. Based on the feedback shared, evidence reports are formed and new policies are developed.

When speaking with local businesses and communities it became clear that, at times, there can be a misunderstanding about the way we manage development in the Lake District National Park. So, we’ve created a series of short films, in which we address the questions you have raised.

If you’d like to delve further into the evidence reports which were developed during the initial consultation phase of this Review then take a read of Local Plan Review: The story so far. You can find out more about:

  • The Local Plan Consultation Phase
  • Draft strategic objectives
  • Consultation Phase: Evidence Reports
  • Landscape Capacity Study 2017
  • Sustainability Appraisal Report
  • Call for sites
  • Vision and objectives
  • What the current local plan includes
  • Where we held our consultation events