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Landowners and rights of way

Section 31(6) Highways Act 1980

Landowners can apply to formally acknowledge public rights of way across their land and prevent any new paths from becoming public rights of way. This can be done under section 31(6) of the Highways Act 1980.

Where can I see declarations?

For the Lake District National Park Cumbria County Council is the highway authority. They keep the Register of Declarations (opens in new window)

How long do declarations last?

Declarations lodged after 1 October 2013 will be valid for 20 years. Any lodged before that date will be valid for 10 years, after which the declaration needs to be renewed.

What about data protection?

It is a statutory requirement that the information must be made accessible to the public. See point 7 in our Section 31 deposit guidance notes (Word document) and the final page of Form CA16 Application Form (Word document).

How to apply

Please send us your application if it is within the Lake District National Park.

Please read our Section 31 deposit guidance notes (Word document) and then fill out Form CA16 Application Form (Word document).

Returning the form

Please either email the completed form to  julia.knott@lakedistrict.gov.uk

or by post to:

Lake District National Park Authority
Murley Moss
Oxenholme Road
Kendal LA9 7RL

Do I need to fill out Part D?

No, Part D of Form CA16 refers to Town and Village Greens and so does not need to be completed for Section 31 deposits.


Legislation provides for a reasonable fee to be charged to cover the costs of processing such deposits. Our standard fee to accompany a deposit application is £324 plus VAT.

For larger applications which cover a greater area, or where there are a number of distinct parcels of land, please contact:

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