A performance by Voala - Argentinian street artists
A performance by Voala - Argentinian street artists

Lake Windermere Waterfront Programme

This project is to make sure Windermere lake and its surroundings is on a par with other lakes and waterside destinations and places to live around the world.

In 2008 we consulted people about the idea to improve almost everything connected to the Windermere area. While the landscape setting around the lake is spectacular and genuinely of a world-class scale, the quality of buildings, facilities and transportation too often fails to live up to an acceptable high standard. When there is so much worldwide competition we need to keep an eye on quality. If we are to benefit from repeat visits and future generations of people returning, we must aspire to be the best. Cumbria, the Lake District, its visitors, residents and businesses deserve it

We need to work together to make things better and the Lake District National Park Authority wants to facilitate this. We really want the public and local businesses to work with us on this.

Ideas that have already been highlighted as needing attention include:

  • more long term car parking to encourage motorists to switch to public transport once they are in the Lake District
  • creating a more extensive “water bus” network and improving connections with other attractions around the lake
  • developing a Bowness to Ambleside cycleway as part of a round-lake cycleway
  • enhancing the quality of built development and “green space” on the lake shore

Latest news

Last updated 16 November 2010:

People are being given the opportunity to comment on plans for Bowness Bay and The Glebe either in person at two drop-in events or through an online survey.

Regenerating Bowness Bay and The Glebe is fundamental to achieving a high quality world class visitor experience for all our visitors. We need you to help us decide the size and shape of the proposed development area by giving us your views on where the boundary should be.

For more information on how to have your say, please go to Bowness Bay allocation consultation.

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