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View of mountains above Wasdale

Management Plan and actions

The Partnership's Plan 2010 - 2015

The Management Plan for the National Park is called 'The Partnership's Plan'. This is because it has been developed by many members of the Lake District National Park Partnership.

Part 3 How we are going to realise the Vision - sections below:

Background to The Plan

The Partnership's Plan (The Plan) incorporates suggestions and comments from other organisations and individuals who are not formally part of the Partnership. These were gathered in the Summer 2010 consultation stage. View them in Comments on the Partnership's Plan (PDF)

The Partnership first approved The Plan on 7 September 2010. You can view details of all the past Partnership meetings online.

The Plan is now 'live' and happening. The Partnership has committed to reviewing the actions contained within it every year.

The actions are subject to a sustainability appraisal to identify any potential negative outcomes on the environment, economy or community: Sustainability Appraisal of the Partnership's Plan 2010-2015 Actions 2011 (Word document)

How will progress be monitored?

The Plan is only current at the time it was written. Many factors will affect and influence the accuracy of content, decisions of all the Partners and the actions within it. Monitoring progress on the Plan's delivery is therefore essential.

We review the plan every year. This allows us to adjust priorities and approaches when faced with new factors such as significant changes in financial circumstances.

The Lake District National Park will lead the review, monitoring and reporting of the Plan working with the Partnership's Plan Sub Group.

Monitoring reports 

These give an update on progress on all the actions in the Partnership Plan. The Partners leading each action provide an update on delivery of the action and assign a status to each action, based on:

  • Complete - we have completed the action within the timescale
  • Green - we are likely to complete the action as things are going according to schedule
  • Amber - we may have problems completing the action within the timescale
  • Red - we are very unlikely to complete the action within the timescale

Completion dates for actions can be altered if unforeseen problems arise. These are captured in the monitoring reports.  

For the monitoring reports for previous iterations of the Partnership's Plan, please email

What else will be done?

The risks to delivering the Plan need to be understood and managed. The Partnership's Plan sub group will regularly consider how the risks are managed as part of the monitoring and review process.

The Partnership's Plan sub group will review the performance indicators in the Plan annually, especially in light of changes by Government and availability of the relevant data.

Each June the Partnership will receive an update on all monitoring activity, including actions, data for performance indicators and updates on risks to delivery. This will provide the context for the Partnership Plan sub group to lead the annual review of the Partnership Plan, in particular the actions. This review of the Partnership's Plan will help us address issues that arise, whilst remaining on course towards achieving our Vision. Each year the Partnership will decide their priority actions. The priorities for 2014-2015 are: 

  • Support and develop profitable farming and forestry businesses whilst delivering sustainable land management, across the National Park
  • Strengthen the rural economy of the National Park
  • Strengthen the tourism sectors across the National Park
  • Develop an integrated and sustainable transport network across the National Park
  • Facilitate the delivery of affordable and local needs housing opportunities across the National Park
  • Develop valley planning, looking at social, economic and environmental needs and opportunities across the National Park
  • Improve the natural environment of the National Park
  • Lead climate change strategy and carbon reduction in the National Park

An updated version of the Partnership's Plan will be published each year, as well as:

The Partnership's Plan 2015 - 2020

The Lake District National Park Partnership is currently in the process of reviewing the Partnership's Plan. This new Partnership Plan will set out how the partners with work together to proactively and effectively manage the Lake District as a National Park and as a prospective World Heritage Site. The Plan will provide the overarching strategy for the Lake District, setting out what is special, what results we're aiming for and our approach to making these results a reality. This document was subject to a public consultation from 3 November 2014 to 18 January 2015. The Partnership is now working hard to finalise this document in order to meet a deadline for submission to UK Government in June 2015, as part of the World Heritage Site Bid. The draft documents related to this can be seen on the Partnership meetings page.

Other useful documents 

The Plan on CD

CD copies of The Plan are available for £5 including postage and packing. Please call 01539 724555, email or write to:

Lake District National Park Authority
Murley Moss
Oxenholme Road
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