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Planning and Management Directorate

To contact a member of staff, please call 01539 724555 or email

This directorate contributes to delivering the Vision by leading the thinking on what matters for the future of the National Park and securing its delivery.

In particular it will:

  • Work with others through strategic conversations
  • Lead the development of the Lake District National Park Partnership
  • Empower our resident, business and farming communities to take action locally
  • Be innovative in the way we manage development
  • Deliver high quality practical work on the ground
  • Understand and manage visitor access

Development Management

To provide an efficient development management service which reflects the policies and plans for the National Park and ensures sustainability.  It will have customer focus.

Developing and coordinating a seamless Planning Advisory Service, that responds to the customer. This includes:

  • A pre-application enquiry service that offers a ‘can-do’ approach, with clear service standards
  • Determination of planning applications submitted within set targets, including high customer care standards
  • A compliance service that promotes fairness and equality

Developing and coordinating a seamless Planning Advisory Service, that proactively identifies opportunities to help meet the needs of the community.

Spatial Planning

To develop and review plans and policies for the National Park which will enable the realisation of the Vision for the National Park.

Preparing and reviewing the Development Plan for the Lake District National Park which includes creating the Local Development Framework and contributing to the Regional Spatial Strategy. Also coordinating the review of  the National Park Management Plan

Gathering, producing and publishing information about the National Park which will inform the creation of all plans and strategies

The coordination and review of our partnership framework and facilitating its leading element – the Lake District National Park Partnership

Environment and Heritage

To provide helpful advice to people and develop exciting partnership projects which will enhance the natural and cultural qualities of the National Park as economic and social assets.

Provide a specialist advisory service for the following subjects:

  • Landscape, cultural heritage, ecology, building design, woodland and tree protection. The advisory service will be based on an ethos of positive and proactive solutions.
  • tree and woodland management planning and co-ordinating delivery for our properties to ensure integrated woodland management

Working in partnership to develop projects which will ensure investment to secure a high quality built environment.  Priority areas for projects include:

  • Improving the public spaces within tourist ‘honey pots’ and Conservation Areas
  • Promoting inspirational design within new developments at strategic locations
  • Encouraging high quality, sustainable design solutions throughout the Park
  • Preparing design briefs and area guidance

Working in partnership to maximise the celebration of the cultural heritage of the National Park, including:

  • Promoting and supporting Cumbrian customs and traditions
  • Developing historic records service and its interpretation
  • Assisting with World Heritage Site Inscription bid

Working in partnership to enhance the unique landscape and wildlife qualities to realise economic and social benefits, including:

  • Targeted delivery of Cumbria’s Biodiversity Action Plan
  • Contributing to securing a future for hill farming
  • Understanding the impacts of climate change on the natural environment
  • Implementing a Landscape Character Strategy to reinforce the distinctiveness of the National Park

Park Management

This service supports local communities. It has been designed to fit with the needs of local residents and to the match the distinctive areas found within the National Park.

What are the aims of Park Management?

To work positively with local people, community groups and other organisations to provide sound advice, deliver high quality countryside maintenance and improvement work. We will also help develop policy and plans that help us to look after our distinctive local landscape in innovative ways that enable people to enjoy and care for the National Park.

This will be done in three key areas:

1. Community

  • delivering innovative opportunities for looking after, understanding and enjoyment of the National Park
  • working closely with communities to understand and help them meet their needs in ways that contribute to outcomes of the Vision for the National Park

2. Access and recreation

  • encouraging responsible recreational use, maintaining and enhancing people's access to the countryside and water
  • improving access and recreation opportunities that contribute to sustainable transport and tourism

3. Landscape management

  • looking after important habitats and landscapes including our own countryside property
  • supporting land managers and working with partners to protect and enhance the landscape

The teams

There are two Park Management Teams covering the north and south of the national park. These teams include our Field Rangers, Park Management Rangers, Access specialists and project officers. Find out more on Rangers page.