LDNPP 13 December 2010 meeting

Agenda for Lake District National Park Partnership

28 February 2011 at 10.00 a.m.

To be held in the Board Room at the Lake District National Park Authority, Murley Moss, Kendal, LA9 7RL

1. Welcome, introductions and apologies

Minutes of LDNPP meeting held on 7 September 2010 (Word document)

Minutes of 2. Matters Arising

3. The financial shape of the National Park: LDNPA: a leaner funding model - Richard Leafe: Strategy for the LDNPA up to 2014-15 (Word document)

4. Consultation on the Governance arrangements for the National Parks – including break out session with Steve Ratcliffe: Governance Paper LDNPP Consultation Draft (Word document) and Annex A Defra Consultation document (Word document)

5. Public Forests in the Lake District - Graeme Prest, Forestry Commission - postponed to February 2011 meeting

6. Monitoring The Partnership’s Plan: Performance Management - Kate Payne/Steve Ratcliffe: Monitoring the Partnership Plan (Word document)

7. A Fair Trade Lake District - Joe Human, MBE: Cumbria Fair Trade: Fair Trade Lake District (Word document)

8. Any Other Business:

9. Date of Next Meeting (Feb 28, 2011)